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Give that Pickle Jar a Second-Life

Would you like to store your dry goods in something other than their original boxes, but don’t want to pay for all of the organizers? This is an easy solution. Whenever I buy items that come in glass jars: salsa, tea, drinks, huge jars of pickles, etc; I keep the jars and clean them. Then I use them to store rice, cereal, granola, flour, beans, candies and many other things. Since jars come in many different sizes, there is always a great fit.

As an added bonus, I also use the jars to store other household goods: paper clips, screws, beads, etc.

I also keep the most interesting ones and make presents in the jars for my friends and family. I will write an article on this later.

This is just one more way that you can save money and cut down on your waste.